Responsive Website Development

A responsive website is a website which responds to the device its being viewed on.

What is a responsive website?

With the ever increasing spectrum of mobile devices available to consumers, responsive development allows us to create websites which dynamically react – when a person clicks on your website link from desktop, mobile or tablet the website immediately detects the resolution it is being viewed from and ‘responds’ accordingly to provide the best experience for that device.

Negating the need to pinch squeeze or resize – immediately improving the experience of your website on your potential or existing customer and increasing satisfaction with your brand.



The Smartphone Choice 

Google has also decided this is the case, and is promoting sites that are mobile friendly in its search engine results pages on mobiles. But even if this were not the case, we would (and did) opt to design websites using responsive web design techniques for the simple reason that it is the most effective way to make sure your website is optimized for all devices being used. On a fundamental level, most desktop screens are orientated to landscape and most smartphones in portrait. Sure the phones get turned around, but having a site fixed in one position is clearly going to run into problems.

Using media queries, we can customize a responsive website to work optimally for a specific screen size or device type. We can then control the movement and behaviour of specific elements to ensure, for example, that the text is easily visible and images are in proportion as well as navigation and menus being accessible.